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Improving efficiencies to maximize profits

Are you frustrated by poor communication and wasted effort and money in your organization? 1group works primarily with healthcare and technology organizations to improve process efficiencies and maximize profits. We facilitate employee teams that identify and address waste while teaching problem solving methodologies. 1group improvement projects typically have a 10x ROI (return on investment) for the organization. Please explore our services and contact 1group for a complimentary consultation.

1group is committed to supporting lean healthcare initiatives in Maine and on the East Coast. We believe providing value to the patient and reducing overburden, inconsistency and waste will improve the overall health system. This work is completed through our Lean Healthcare East brand. Click on the Lean Healthcare East logo below for more information:

Here are a few comments about 1group Principal Steve Musica:

  • "Steve is a teacher and coach that uses a proven process for his projects and stresses that good things will happen when you put the patient first. We have asked Steve to support our performance improvement efforts and Triple Aim initiatives in the coming months. I highly recommend 1group and Steve for healthcare improvement."

  • "Steve can work equally well with top management and workers on the floor."

  • "Steve is known as a leader who will take the time to make sure that the right questions are asked, that problems are pursued to root cause, and that each individual on the team has the right training, tools, and information to be as productive as possible."

  • "Steve has a good nose for opportunity, is execution focused, and strikes a good balance of thoroughness and moving quickly."

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